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COSCO Kansai and Group Present in the Twentieth Tianjin Fair
On April 17,under the instruction of vice president Wu Shuxiong of COSCO Hongkong Group and COSCO International Group, we carefully prepared for the fair for vice president Li Yunpeng paying much attention on the development of coating industry. The company general president Xin Liwen cherished it seriously, the first time we set up the special project team, organized qualified person for the fair. Marketing Department quickly layout plans , decided on products ,design, Chinese-English video and pictures. Here we sincerely gratified secretary Zhu Xuefeng of COSCO Group for supports and helps.
    At the exhibition time, our booth was crowd and busy . After attending the first Dealer Conference, general president Xin Liwen overnight rushed from Shanghai to Tianjin, reception guests with staff. Many group leaders including Group vice president Li Yunpeng, Party Group Department manager Shi Zebiao, Strategy Development Department chief president Feng Bo visited our booth and had friendly communications. Marketing Department manager Mu Chengquan and Technical Support Department manager Shi Chunhui introduced our product systems and glorious achievements in every area, demonstrating on resistance to freezing, self-cleaning, anti graffiti and other high function coatings .After listening to the introduction, Li Yunpeng affirmed our company’s achievements on marketing development and researching ;at the same time, he pointed out that under the bad environment atmosphere shipping markets were embarrassed; we should have confidence and constantly research more qualified products for expanding marketing proportions.
    During the exhibition, Tianjin committee secretary Sun Chunlan also visited our booth, carefully and patiently; occasionally, she asked some questions. Leaders of other provinces and cities visited our booth with interest, stopped to watch anti-icing coating and gave much evaluation.
    The exhibition fully presents the Group leaders’ attention on coating industry, support and cherishment to us; meanwhile, we present our company’s power again to the world, raise the image, reflect the large central enterprises’ charm of COSCO and really feel proud and honor.
    In the future, we will not only bear the expectations of Group leaders, but also maintain area advantages, positively and enterprisly. Today, we are proud of Group; future, Group is proud of us. 
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