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COSCO Kansai Launches High Solid Fluorocarbon Coatings

Our traditional paint used on the market today are mostly solvent-based coatings containing large amounts of organic solvents, the construction process often diluted with organic solvents, these organic solvents evaporate into the atmosphere, not only harmful to health and the use of construction workers, causing environmental pollution , but there is also a fire hazard. Draw “pollution first, treatment later”lessons COSCO Kansai fusion nowadays the most popular areas of industrial preservative green ideas ultra low VOC coatings and fluorocarbon weather, the success will be combined into one high-performance and low pollution. The coating has been successfully applied to Ma'anshan bridge, and won several steel items such as Shanghai zhenhua port machinery orders. Steel surface with the area, the amount needed to have high solid fluorocarbon than conventional products, processes reduced, reducing the amount of paint, coatings also reduce the total price of the procurement, its excellent value for money for customers to create greater efficiency.Since 2007, COSCO Kansai launch PTFE fluorocarbon coating products based on technology, with its super weather resistance, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, in large steel structure has been widely applied in the field and a good reputation in the New King market share of steel structure of the bridge is the highest ranking in the industry. Currently, COSCO Kansai production of fluorocarbon products continue to grow, self-cleaning fluorocarbon coating, fluorocarbon anti-ice coatings in many fields, such as large buildings, wind power equipment, such as large-scale port machinery to promote these industries also contributed to the coating protection
In the future, as the industry leader in anti-corrosion field, COSCO Kansai will continue to develop more environmentally friendly and better products for the healthy development of the Chinese coatings contribute.

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